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Welcome to the Galactic Academy

A message from Chewie to all Cadets

Hello Younglings!

It is awesome that you have an interest in a larger world. A wonderful world full of wonderful characters, both good guys and bad guys and some, well, misunderstood.

I'm Peter Mayhew and I played the wookiee Chewbacca in Star Wars and I hope to see you and your families at a convention some day. Star Wars people have become a big part of my extended family and I love it when I get to meet folks in costumes.

So, welcome into the wonderful world of the Galactic Academy where you will meet lots of friends who also enjoy costuming.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of the costumes so get a picture of yourself in your costume and post it here and hopefully, we'll see you at a convention someday and have our picture made together as well.

May The Force Be With You,
Peter Mayhew
Chewbacca, The Wookiee


Cadets of the Galactic Academy, the very best and brightest from across the galaxy, are taught the skills to build forces to be held in awe by any opponent. Whether they are drilled by instructors from the Imperial Corps or trained in the ways of The Force by a Jedi Master, every cadet will receive all the training they require to join the elite ranks.

Whatever their specialty, only the most capable, iron-willed and dedicated will be chosen to progress through the ranks of the Galactic Academy.

For many years, since the release of A New Hope, costumers the world over have embraced the many and varied characters from the Star Wars saga. For the most part this has been a passtime for the adult generation, a way for them to express their love of the movies and their passion for costuming.

The Galactic Academy changes all that, allowing the next generation of Star Wars fans to show the same passion and enthusiasm. It is the first online costuming club to celebrate young Star Wars fans, run exclusively for them...finally, the Star Wars costumers of tomorrow have their own home!

We will be featuring tutorials and articles from experts in costuming, as well as greetings from Star Wars celebrities across the world. themselves! We will also include games, activities and fun links as the site builds into a one-stop resource for all our cadets!

What is the Galactic Academy?

More than ten years ago Albin Johnson founded the 501st Legion Stormtrooper costuming club. The 501st has spread joy to countless thousands of fans, both young and old, with it's counterpart the Rebel Legion providing an outlet for the Rebels of the Star Wars universe. It is now our dream to accomplish the same thing for kids too young to join the 501st or Rebel Legion, but who want to be a part of a club that can be big, fun, and exciting. This website is now a permanent home those children, designed to give them a safe place to display their costumes and show their love of Star Wars.

If you know a young clone or jedi youngling under 18 years old who you feel would be an assett to the Academy, send a transmission to the Head Instructor for consideration. But be warned: the life of a cadet is hard, gruelling work. Only the best can even hope to survive the process, but those lucky few will earn their Academy Medals and become the envy of the galaxy.